U.S. Sports Betting Withdrawals + Online Sportsbook Payouts

When it comes to getting paid by an online sports betting site, bettors want their money fast, free and with the least amount of hassle possible. All online sportsbooks, especially those who welcome Americans, take this into consideration and make sure users have several choices available when figuring out which method will work best for receiving payouts.

The payout process is similar across the board at USA-friendly sportsbooks, and if you visit different ones you will certainly notice similarities in what options are offered, but you will notice differences too. This is where your own uniqueness as a bettor and personal preferences come into play. Picking the sportsbook that's right for you means knowing they have a payout method suited for you... one that makes you comfortable. With that said, let's dig into some of the particular sportsbook withdrawal options that work for USA players.

Reliable Sports Betting Payout Methods For U.S. Players

When considering the payouts available to American players, we will go over the time is takes on average for each payout to be received, along with the fees that might come along with a certain type of method. For a specific dollar amount, or the limitations for a payout, be sure to visit the exact sportsbook you are inquiring about for the best information.

Business Checks - Everyone likes to receive checks in the mail, and with online sportsbooks they have the ability to send them out to you. Depending on which sportsbook you utilize will depend on the options that you have to receive it. For example, checks can often be sent in the mail or through a courier. The times and fees it takes can be a little different, because a courier check is often faster. But then there are even sportsbooks that can send and ExpressCheck, which for a higher fee will get you payout to you within a week. On average though, bettors are looking at 10-20 business days for a check.

Cash Money Transfers - Wiring the money electronically to a player is very popular as well. For USA players, this is often a Western Union transfer or a MoneyGram. Both should be familiar to most players, because they aren't exclusive to the sports betting community. Wiring money is very popular and very easy to do. In fact, Western Union transfers and MoneyGram transfer are frequent depositing choices available on sites as well. Wire transfers are fast, getting to players in roughly 12-36 hours. This is the fastest payout for an American player. The fees for this are dictated on how much the player is withdrawing. The more the payout, the higher the fees will be assessed. The fees aren't typically large though, so you should be good.

Money Orders/Cashier's Checks - If a player deposits with a money order or a cashier's check, they are usually eligible to receive a payout this way. In most cases, they player must use this as a funding method in order to receive it as a payout. There are similarities between this option and a check option. The time and fees are similar, though sometimes the fees can be quite a bit higher.

Debit Card Payments - Some sportsbooks are now even beginning to put money on a debit card. This takes just 3-5 business days to be received, and the fees are minimal as well. As of now, only 5Dimes Sportsbook does this in terms of American-friendly sportsbook, but with the popularity of it, these might spread to other sportsbooks if they see it working. It's especially convenient for players who choose to deposit with a credit card. The option of getting it right back on the card is certainly appealing.

Bank Wire - The bank wire is another electronic way to receive the payout. Bank wires take up to 10 business days to complete. These are processed in batches, and not individually like a wire transfer, which is the reason for the increased amount of time compared to the wire transfer. The good news about the bank wire though is that fees are small in comparison to how much money can be paid out. A bank wire is often accompanied with the highest maximum payouts, in the area of thousands of dollars per transaction.

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More About Getting Money Out Of Online Sportsbooks

As we've shown you, there are a number of terrific choices that work well for bettors even if they live in the United States. But as each sportsbook is fairly unique, these methods will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. If you shop the different betting sites listed on SportsbookForUSPlayers.com you can be assured that there will be at least one feasible method with reasonable terms of use whether your choice is dependent on speed, fees, etc...

Here are some shopping tips to consider before choosing a method and therefore an online sportsbook.

What Is The Fastest Method To Receive A Payout For U.S. Bettors?

The wire transfer options give bettors the quickest option to receive the funds they wish to withdraw. A Western Union transfer and a MoneyGram take about 12-36 hours to be received by the bettor. This is after the withdrawal is approved by the sportsbook at the request of the bettor. Wire transfers are very nice because they get to a bettor very quickly. The fees paid for a wire transfer are not predicated on the time, but rather on the amount that is being taken out. If you withdraw the maximum amount that payout fee will be higher than if a smaller amount is withdrawn. Each sportsbook will have their own fee chart for a wire transfer.

Sportsbook Payout Limits - Maximum + Minimum Withdrawal Amounts

There should be information on each sportsbook regarding the limits of each payout method. Keep in mind that not all sportsbooks have consistent payout limits. It's a balancing act of sorts because bettors want to get the maximum payout by paying as little fees as possible. There are definitely better payout methods for certain types of players. For example a bank wire will generally have the highest payout limit for American bettors. This can be several thousand dollars or in some cases there is no maximum limit.

Minimum limits are important to realize to, as bettors must have enough funds to withdraw to meet these requirements as well. Some methods have limits of only $20, but others can have limits of several hundred dollars or even up to more than $1,000.

How Much Will Your Payout Cost? Some Options Carry Fees & Charges...

Fees can play an important part to the payout process, because it can dictate the direction that a bettor might want to take out their money. There will be several options, all of which will have fees. There are some sportsbooks that allow a free withdrawal every 30 days, but that would be information that needs to be looked up on the site. It is a good thing to know though, and something that should be asked of customer service.

Payout fees can cover different variables. A fee is not only set for the time it takes to get a payout. This is true with check options, in which the more a bettor pays the faster they can get the check. But then with wire transfers it's about how much the player is getting paid out. It's an escalator fee that goes up the higher the amount withdrawn.

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