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Bovada is famous for online sports betting in the United States and this page exists to tell you more about what they offer. We know what is important to look for and have isolated that information in the sections that follow this opening section. Using a reputable sports betting site is a key element in having a successful first experience with online sports betting and that is what we all aim for. We want you to have a good time and enjoy betting sports online so that you will keep coming back plus it always feels pretty good to brag to your friends.

Below, we're going to break down the info about Bovada including whether it is legal in the U.S. and who is allowed to use it. Plus, you're going to need to know about deposit methods and how to get your money out so we've covered that too. And, most importantly, you need to know what you can bet and how you are allowed to wager on it. Finally, if we failed to cover something, you can contact or visit Bovada for yourself with the info in this Bovada review.

Does Bovada Accept USA Players?

Bovada is one of the sports betting sites for U.S. players where users can place wagers on sports, horse races, or whatever they want. With that said, not all 50 states are accepted which is quite unforunate. Those in the state of Maryland and Washington cannot wager at Bovada Sportsbook, however residents from the rest of the states are welcome. Bovada operates outside of the United States in Costa Rica, and is therefore outside of the jurisdiction of the U.S government.

Is It Legal???

As we briefly mentioned before, Bovada is legal for players in the United States because of the fact that they do not operate in the United States. They do not fall under the jurisdiction of such laws like the UIGEA and Federal Wire Act. Bovada is a legal sports betting option for players in the United States.

More About Online Sports Betting At Bovada

Below, the staff has assembled key bits of information which is vital to know before you choose any online betting site... not just when deciding whether to choose Bovada. These topics will help you prepare for wagering and give you an idea what to expect when you become a Bovada user.

Bovada Sportsbook Deposit Bonuses

One of the important facets of any online sportsbook are sportsbook bonuses. Bonuses are one of the first big draws for players. Bovada offers a competitive first deposit bonus for players, which is a 50% bonus up to $250. Also throughout the course of the year, Bovada offers various bonuses depending on which sports are in season. There can be daily, weekly, and monthly bonuses which players will be able to take advantage of. Click to claim Bovada bonus

Bovada Sportsbook Deposit Methods + Payout Options

When a player chooses to bet on sports, there is one reason behind it. To win money! So obviously players want a sportsbook that is safe, quick, and efficient when it comes to the most important part of the process. Bovada offers players from the United States deposit and withdrawal methods to use to begin betting and cash out quickly. When depositing, Bovada accepts major Credit Cards like Visa and Mastercard. In some cases, depositing with a credit card for U.S players can be a bit difficult, because of the fact that some of the banks that credit card companies use might not allow transactions for online gambling websites. If that is the case, Bovada still offers other options such as wire transfers through companies like Western Union.

When it comes to cashing out, Bovada offers players the option of a check through the mail, or a wire transfer. There can be various fees attached hinging on the amount that is being withdrawn. Unfortunately, both methods do take some time to complete so do not expect instant payouts... plan accordingly.

Sports Odds & Wager Types Available At Bovada Sportsbook

Bovada offers the full array of sports odds that are available, especially for players from the United States. All of the major sports in the U.S are offered, from the NFL, college football and college basketball, to the NBA, MLB and more. Get game lines from all of these sports, and never miss one because Bovada stays right on top of the latest sports betting lines available.

Bovada offers their players a number of wager types for players to bet on sports at Bovada. Bet straight wagers such as game lines, props, futures, game totals, but that is certainly not all. Other wager types that are popular to bet are parlays, linking bets together. An If-bet is also another type of linked bet. Then there are teasers, pleasers, and reverse wagers. Bovada has it all, and is a bettor's dream.

How To Contact Bovada's Online Sportsbook

There are several ways in which U.S players can get into contact with Bovada's customer service department. They offer a toll free phone number at 1-888-263-0000, which is available 24/7. There is also an Online Contact Form available on site, which is essentially an email in which players can fill out what the issue is.

Phone: 1-888-263-0000 - Live Chat: Available - Email: Contact Form On Site - Visit: Click Here

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