U.S. Sports Betting Deposits + Account Funding

Online sports gamblers living in the U.S. will have several different choices when it comes to funding online sports wagering accounts with the various sportsbooks listed here at SportsbooksForUSPlayers.com. Seeing a website listed on any of our pages automatically qualifies it as being in acceptance of Americans plus having numerous ways for U.S. players to deposit into sports betting sites.

This page is designed to get you ready for all that you could encounter when you decide to finally pull the trigger and lay a few bucks down on the game tonight. Unfortunately, because the U.S. imposes extra hoops that online sports betting sites must go through to accept electronic deposits, some methods will cause the user to incur fees and other surcharges. Things like that are what will be covered as we progress through important topics.

Sportsbook Deposit Methods That Work For USA Players - Funding Options

One of the most important things that you should know if you are a U.S. bettor is that there will be different ways to fund an account at each site you visit. With that being said though, most sportsbooks will have the same or similar ways to fund your account.

Credit Cards - The most common way to fund an account at a sportsbook will be through the use of a credit card. Of the major credit cards, Visa is seen most often, followed by American Express. MasterCard is not typically seen unless there is a longer relationship between the sportsbook and the bettor. The way to deposit with a credit card should be familiar to most people, because the process is the same as a standard online transaction. As far as what the deposit limits are will be specific to the sportsbook.

Wire Transfers - For those who prefer not to put their credit card information in a sportsbook account, there's the option of a wire transfer. The wire transfer seen most often is through Western Union, or that of a MoneyGram. Wire transfers go through instantly to the cashier, which then directly funds your account. The neat thing about a wire transfer is that it can also be used to receive a payout from a sportsbook as well. We get into those details on a U.S. sportsbook payouts page.

Money Orders/Cashier’s Checks - A money order and cashier's check can be sent to the sportsbook as well, and is filled out just like any other check and dollar amount of this type. These are accepted at many online sportsbooks and are a great alternative to credit cards and other methods that player's might not want to use.

EZVoucher - A prepaid voucher that can be bought and implemented as a viable method to deposit. The pin number received from the voucher is simply input in the area where designated by the sportsbook. If the sportsbook doesn’t accept a voucher then there will be no place for this. Those with a voucher option will tell you where to type in the voucher code.

Gift/Prepaid Cards - A card with a logo from an accepted credit card typically accept gift cards and prepaid cards of those versions as well. They work just like a credit card transaction, though there is obviously a predetermined maximum amount on the card that can be deposited.

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More About Online Sportsbook Deposits

Now that we've talked about some of the specifics involved with using many of deposit methods for U.S. players, it's important to talk about the limitations that might come along with them and why. For starters, the legal sportsbook online where U.S. bettors can play for real money are offshore. This is because under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, sports betting sites cannot operate in the U.S.

The good news is that offshore sportsbooks accepting USA players do a very nice job with American-friendly deposit methods. That's because they know many of their account holders come from the U.S., and need easy ways to deposit so that they can make real-money wagers. You can see those sites looking directly above.

Fees + Charges For Using Certain Deposit Methods

In terms of fees, that comes mostly on the end of payout when a bettor opts to withdraw funds from their account. However there can be deposit fees that come along with certain methods. This is certainly seen when talking about wire transfers. But deposit fees will come on the end of the method that is chosen, and not from the sportsbook itself. The sportsbook will not charge a deposit fee, and in some cases will cover third-party fees that are charged to the bettor if they choose to fund a minimum amount. For example, many wire transfer fees are covered if a deposit exceeds $300.

Time It Takes For Deposits To Credit... All Methods Are Not Instant

The nice thing about this day and age is that many deposit methods send electronically and if they aren't instantly deposited, it's pretty close. Credit cards will go through right way, while wire transfer can take a few minutes to complete. There are some deposit options that might need to be sent off through the mail such as a money order, which can take a few days to get to the cashier at the sportsbook. But once it is received it goes into the account right away. On the whole, anyone who takes the proper steps to fund an account can expect their deposit to be ready to be for wagering very quickly.

Minimum + Maximum Deposit Amount Limits - Each Method Is Different

The most important aspect of the deposit limits is to know that each sportsbook can have unique limits. Just because several sports betting sites might accept a credit card does not mean that the deposit limits will be the exact same. It's best to consult individual sportsbooks and view their deposits limits. If they are not available on site, the customer service will always be there and able to help answer questions about deposits.

Is It Legal To Make A Real-Money Deposit Into An Online Sportsbook?

This is an important question and it is definitely not one to be forgotten about. Some might believe that because of the fact it's not legal to operate a sportsbook in the U.S., there might be some spillover into from the standpoint of the user or player. This is actually false. You will not get into any trouble when you decide to make wagers for real money online which means making a deposit into an online sportsbook accepting U.S. players.

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